ISO-mme TS 13499 ISO-mme TS 13499
Welcome to the ISO-MME task force, part of ISO TC12/SC22/WG3.
We are responsible for ISO/TS 13499 and ISO/TS 22240:

Road vehicles - Multimedia data exchange format for impact tests
(Véhicules routiers - Format d'échange de données multimédia pour les essais de choc).

The first of these technical specifications presents a simple way to exchange multimedia data of impact tests between different laboratories. A format has been developed which defines a directory structure and the exchange information as ASCII files. The second technical specification presents this exchange format in terms of an ASAM-compliant database model. Both technical specifications are supported by a number of related electronic documents (REDs), which may be downloaded from this site of from the ISO website.

There is a discussion forum where you can suggest new codes and amendments to existing ones, or just to ask questions about what we’re doing in general.

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