Updates for Revison 1.6.2 (Corrections; Max-CVC)

Calculated Values Codes and Channels
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Updates for Revison 1.6.2 (Corrections; Max-CVC)

Post by DiVe » Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:32 pm

Dear colleagues,
for the RED E there has been some bugfixes made since the 1.6.1:
a) NICF -> Neck Injury Criterion, Frontal Impact ECE
coding old: ??NICFSPDU??00XX
coding new: ??NICFSPDA??00XX
-> ECE analysis is absolute not only for positive part

b) FFCE -> Femur Force Criterion
coding old: ??FFCELE/RIDN??FOZX
coding new: ??FFCELE/RIDN??00ZX
-> Result value is the percentage not the Force value

Also there is a need to discuss the general CVC coding for the Maximum value of a channel (Max-CVC).
This is partly already used (KneeSlider), but there is no general description how to store
the maximum value of a channel as CVC.

- A proposal is:
- store the absolute maximum as channel value
- use the Descriptor Subsets T2 and S1
- store additional descriptors holding the separate Min/Max values and the related times?

Related to this request is the question:
Should the value given in a Max-CVC have a sign or just reflect the absolute value?
For the KNSL -> Knee Displacement there has been no statement on the sign and storage!
( Actually the Knee displacement is the negative maximum of the signal (if SAE J211 sign convention is followed) )

For some codes it might be possible/desired to use PO/NE on FL2 to distinguish between a positive and
negative maximum value (like for Total Neck Moments) if this is relevant for the further analysis.

Hope we can discuss this on the web meeting.

Any comments/recommendations are welcome.


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