Proper use of Data Status codes

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Proper use of Data Status codes

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Dear colleagues,

I would like you to clarify the proper use of data status as the use of them could be open to interpretation. The Data Status are shown in the table 2.5
Data Status.png
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Our interpretation is the explained below:

“channel failed” vs “no data”
- Channel failed: Can only be used if all samples are set to NOVALUE. This status will be set after processing the data. Once the data is analyzed and decided that something went wrong all samples are set to NOVALUE.
- No data: I guess no data is more or less the same than “channel failed” but channel data is empty for “no data” meanwhile for “channel failed” is NOVALUE for every time step

At this point I would like to ask, why would somebody needs a status as “no data”? I can not imagine a situation where we would need this status if we already have “Channel failed” status. Is there any other difference between them that I have not considered? If so, please, would you be so kind to explain it?

“meaningless data” vs “questionable data”
- Meaningless data: This status must be used when some samples (could be all samples as well) in the data channel are meaningless but those wrong samples are not set to NOVALUE. This status will be useful to deliver raw data coming straight from the data acquisition system and informing in the remarks where the data is meaningless. For instance: 10VEHC000000ACXP: meaningless data from 50.0 ms to 350.0 ms
- Questionable data: Must be used the same way than “meaningless data” but the questionable data must be always set to NOVALUE. In this status, the “wrong” data can´t remain in the data channel. This status must be used when data has been processed.

Are the explanations detailed before correct?

To conclude, we would like to know why is the status “system failed” intended for? Looks similar to “no data” but is not clear the situation where this status should be used.

Best regards

Miguel Ángel
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