New Physical Dimension for 'Number Channels'

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New Physical Dimension for 'Number Channels'

Post by derpmann »

Decision of the Active Safety Group:

For 'number channels' (Multi Event Channels) we propose the Physical Dimension NO.
NO = Number (english notation): No.
The samples can be integer or float values.
The unit is 1.

see: ... ystem#p670
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Re: New Physical Dimension for 'Number Channels'

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Dear colleages,

this topic has got new interest from the Active Safety MME Group.
Also in this application there are many channels recorded that contains (whole) numbers from different recordings.
The intention is actually to store only whole numbers: ..., -2,-1,0,1,2,3 ... = Integer
and no float values as in the initial request.

Please remember: This extension will also enable the storage of LSB values for digital sensors.
Still for MTRAC locations this might not be perfect as the coding for ANY,ANZ and DC0 might not be handled very clearly:
So, by using NO with the LSB channels you can here only distinguish by direction and may the filter class.

Kind regrads,
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