Additional descriptor for "Intended Velocity"

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Additional descriptor for "Intended Velocity"

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Dear colleagues,

there was a request to store the "intended velocity" with a test object.
The idea originated in the active safety extension discussion in the sub group.

If there are applications in the Passive Safety that will contribute from that,
we can add this also to RED A to give some direction for a unified approach.

A first idea for the implementation/discussion is (alternatives):
2022-10-19 16_39_11-MME-Attributes_for_active_Safety.xlsx - Excel.png
2022-10-19 16_39_11-MME-Attributes_for_active_Safety.xlsx - Excel.png (7.23 KiB) Viewed 114 times
Some ideas for the usage of this descriptor are:
a) Transport the "reverence or equivalent test speed": The initial velocity of a reversed sled is zero.
b) Transport the initial speed of a test object in a test with pre-test-brakeing

If you see a need or and/or an application, please comment here.

Kind regards,
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