Testdata set with X264 compressor

Test datasets for this release
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Testdata set with X264 compressor

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The new recommendation of the german automotive manufacturers for AVI compression codec is X264.
The previous recommendation Indeo™ Video 5.11 will cause problems on 64bit operating systems.

The X264 is a powerful codec with nearly daily updates.
Therefore we decided to restrict the recommendation to the tested version 1195.

A few parameters have to be changed after installation :!:
to achieve a good performance, highest mearurement accuracy and the possibility for backward playing.
You can find the codec setup and the description of the important parameters
in the document subdirectory of the test VW1FGS15.

Peter Derpmann-Hagenstroem
Volkswagen AG
MME 1.5 Testdata X264.zip
MME 1.5 testdata with X264 encoded movies
(1.86 MiB) Downloaded 697 times
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